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Authorized translations

What are authorized translations

Authorized translations (sometimes called "notarized translations", "official translations" or "stamped translations") are legally binding documents having the same legal weight as the original in source language. They are authenticated with an authorized translator's stamp and signature.

Authorized translations are usually somewhat more expensive than "regular" translations due to the special qualifications of authorized translators.

When are authorized translations needed

Authorized translations usually come into question when for example court rulings or documents pertaining to inheritance or business need to be presented to the officials of your home country or a foreign country. Services of an authorized translator are also often needed when applying for a study place or a job.

Always check from the recipient of the translated document whether the translation needs to be authorized or not.

How to order an authorized translation

Email the documents to be translated to us at In the email also tell us the target language, schedule considerations and any other possible wishes. We will send you an offer for the translation job usually within the same day.

Authorized translations are always delivered as stamped originals via postal service. For small and medium size authorized translations we usually reserve 5 to 9 working days.

We deliver authorized translations for all of the most common language pairs. Ask now!