Lingosaur - Online Translation Agency

Lingosaur is a Finnish translation agency offering translation services made by humans. To maximize our efficiency and to minimize costs, we operate purely in the Internet. What ever your business is, we want to enable your global communications.


The company was founded in 2007 to offer traditional translation and international business consulting services. After the first couple of years of operation, and one IT specialist later, we focused on developing online translation services. Our aims were to create an efficient and easy solution for our customers to make translation orders over the Internet, and to provide jobs for translators. The outcome was today's Lingosaur, The Online Translation Agency.


  • Mikko Tihveräinen
  • CEO, partner

Certificates and Co-operation

Nordic Growth Certificate

A company that has received Enento Group's (in Finland Asiakastieto) Growth Certificate is proven to be capable to sustainable growth. The certificate is an acknowledgment of the company being solvent and a significant player in the market. The Growth Certificate indicates the company belongs to a small group of growth-seeking companies, as only approximately 10% of companies fulfil its criteria. The criteria have been determined the same in all Nordic countries and when granting, the company's age, risk category, equity ratio, profitability and turnover development are assessed. Enento Group is one of the leading Nordic digital business and consumer information services provider.

The Strongest in Finland

The Strongest in Finland certificate is a visible proof of your company's creditworthiness, reliability and excellent solvency. The certificate announces to your customers, cooperation partners, credit grantors and other interest groups that cooperation with a certified company is on solid ground.

The companies in the two highest categories of Asiakastieto's 7-step Rating Alfa classification, i.e. approx. 12 % of Finnish companies are entitled to the Strongest in Finland certificate. The requirements to reach these categories are the company's excellent financial key ratios, positive background data and payment behaviour.

Finnish Language Service Providers and EUATC

Finnish Language Service Providers (Finnish abbreviation SKY) is an organisation of expert companies, promoting the interests of member companies, users of translation services, translators, and the field at large.

SKY is a member association of the EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies), the European umbrella organisation in the field. The organisation requires its members to commit to high-quality performance and service, as well as to follow sound business principles. All the member companies are committed to a common Code of Ethics. The association's guiding purpose is to monitor and further the development of the translation sector and to improve the quality of translation services, recognition of the sector, and its general operating conditions.

Key Flag

The Key Flag Symbol is meant for enterprises that want to stress the Finnish origin of their products or services and, in that way, the great values attributed to being Finnish. Finnish enterprises operate in an environment that is rapidly getting more and more international. Therefore, ways to prove the origin of products or services become increasingly important.

The Key Flag Symbol can be granted to a service that is produced in Finland. The minimum requirement for products or services is that the degree of domestic origin is over 50 per cent of the total cost price. This calculation takes into account the service-related costs, such as personnel costs, subcontracting, and materials acquisition. In addition, the company must have a significant domestic degree of ownership, management operations in Finland, and Finnish headquarters.