Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to the service?

You can simply fill in an order - the system asks you to fill in your information when needed.

Is it safe to send documents to Lingosaur?

Yes. All communications between you and Lingosaur are secured using SSL, the same mechanism that online banks use. This makes it practically impossible for anybody to eavesdrop without you knowing about it.

How about the confidentiality of my documents?

We acknowledge that we may be translating documents that are sensitive or important for you or your business. Information relating to the translation, the nature of the translation and any information you transmit to Lingosaur shall be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

We seek to take every possible measure to keep your information safe, and our freelance translators are bound by confidentiality agreements. Your documents will only be seen by the person translating or proofreading them, and occasionally by a select few for quality control purposes. After the completion of the translation, your documents are automatically deleted from Lingosaur’s servers.

If you hesitate to upload documents directly into our service for any reason, please contact us and let us come up with a customized solution for you to get the job done.

Is my credit card information safe with you?

Yes. In fact, Lingosaur does not directly handle any credit card information. The information is managed by Finnish Web Payments’ (Suomen Verkkomaksut) secure payment processing server. You can get more information about them from

What payment methods can I use?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and all Finnish online banks. Invoicing is also available for business customers.

What do the different quality levels mean?

It means you do not need to pay for gold when you only need silver. The world is full of talented people who can translate text but only a small part of them are professionals. We let you choose the level that best fits your needs and budget. Here are some examples of the various levels:


Official materials, such as brochures or instruction manuals, marketing materials, newsletters, and other materials for publication.


Informal materials, such as blog texts, emails, internal memos, training materials, reports and anything else that does not require absolute perfection. Note! Our quality guarantee only applies to the factual content in normal-level orders.


The Superior quality level includes, in addition to the professional translation work itself, double proofreading done by another professional translator. Please note that the additional proofreading task requires a longer deadline and thus the delivery times for Superior-level orders are longer.

How long does it take to translate my documents?

When you place an order, we give you a date when the translation is ready. The date is based on the total amount of words in your documents. A translator typically translates about 200 words per hour, or about 5 full A4 pages per day.

If your material is very large (hundreds of pages) we recommend that you contact us directly, so we can divide the assignment among several translators to speed up the process. You may also split the material into smaller portions yourself and submit it as multiple orders.

If you need the translation sooner than the given date, please contact us directly.

Can I order proofreading only?

We do not provide proofreading as an automated service yet, but you can contact us directly to get it done.

How can I translate only parts of my document?

To avoid paying for unnecessary work, you should exclude such parts from your documents before uploading them.

I forgot to mention a detail. Can I modify my order afterwards?

Do not worry. We will contact you in case there are questions concerning your order. If you want to add something to the order, please contact us.

Can you give guarantees?

Yes. We can give you a guarantee that you get a translation you are satisfied with.

Can I cancel my order after confirming it?

After confirming a translation order, you may contact us and request cancellation. However, due to our streamlined processes, it is possible that a translator has already started working on your documents, within just minutes from your confirmation. If not, we can cancel the order.

Which document types do you accept for translation?

We currently accept:

  • Microsoft Office documents: doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx, pptx
  • documents: odt, ods, odp
  • Other: pdf, txt, rtf

Please contact us if you need to translate any other type of document.

The translated document will be returned to you in the same format.